Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sambil menyelam minum air!


Lokasi semasa : Hotel BEAUFORD (Beautiful-Unique-Affordable) at Melaka.
(AMARAN!..Bahasa ROJAK. Mohon beredar kalau tak tahan membacanya. And of course my grammar was really not that good...) 

Alhamdulillah. Selesai jugak sesi interview bersama HONDA Malaysia Sdn Bhd tadi untuk merebut position Engineer for Production Planing and Control Dvision under Material Department. The first faced interview experienced by me for job seeking purpose. Seriously quite nervous and the question was not as expected. But Im really grateful they were not asking any technical-related topic. 

To tell you briefly about my first experience attending formal interview, I would say that it was really awesome! In the sense that the interviewers were not asking questions formally, I mean as such that they were not follow any procedure or any guideline or what so ever to ask questions to the candidates. They were really sporting. They always remind me not to be too nervous and stay cool while answering the question. And the best part was that when the interviewer came out with one question asking me "Kenapa pilih HONDA?" The first thing came across my mind was that, "boleh ke cakap melayu nih?" Haha. It was really awkward at the moment when I suddenly ask directly to the interviewer sound like "boleh ke cakap melayu?" I mean directly ask them. It was like tak profesional langsung. Haha. But then, one of the interviewer named En. Taufiq suddenly told me "takde masalah cakap melayu. Our mother tonque language. Kita nak cakap dengan orang atasan pun nanti kene dalam bahasa melayu kalau formal.. and bla bla bla.." From the moment he told me that, I feel like alhamdulillahh. Haha. Barulah kemain lantang lagi aku bersuara keluarkan pendapat. That was my first time attending that so called formal interview. Even I have to compete with 4 others candidates to fight for that position and to let you know that two of them were currently an engineer from other's private company. They took a day leave purposely to attend this interview. And when I asked them why are they applying for other position in others company, they just said that they want to experience different work surrounding and circumctances. After quite some time mingling around with them discussing about their current working experience, I felt that wauu! camtu rupanya rasa kerja sebagai Engineer. Everybody might want to become engineer but not everybody might able to faced the difficulties of becoming one. From that moment, I have set my mind and my mission of becoming engineer regardless of what obstacles and difficulties that I might experience and face in the future. InsyaALLAH hope you guys could pray for me achieving my goal in my future career.

Then, despite of coming to Melaka purposely for HONDA interview, my family has also plan a short vacation after Im done with my interview. I was really like "habislah fokus untuk interview aku.. mesti duk fokus nak holiday je.. haha.." but somehow it turns out well. I mean Im able to focus on my interview and I would say I really satisfied of what I have presented to them and now Im on my short family vacation at Melaka. Yes. Some might say that "ape yg ada kat Melaka pun? bosann.. haha" For me the togetherness is the most important part. Its not easy to gather our family members espcially me with my sister spending time together in a vacation trip like this. Alhamdulillah, so far we have managed to spend time together. Now I am writing while lying my body on my bed facing laptop writing this post at Hotel Beauford, Melaka. This hotel is quite reasonable for me. We managed to get family room where we just have to pay RM280 per night. 2 rooms (1 king-size bed+ 2 supersingle-size bed), a living room and a toilet. complete with all normal hotel stuffs but without fridge and dapur. Hmm. And that is so not cool. Haha. InsyaAllah will be writing my full interview session at HONDA in the future post. Just to help those who will experience them in the future. Till then.


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