Sunday, 27 December 2009

Mandi Minyak Ceremony

last night was one of the best night i've ever had coz i was happen to be one of the luckiest person who attend the mandi minyak ceremony that was held at silat gayong training centre taman nirwana, ampang..actually, i'm not taking part at the event officially coz i juz went there to experience an interesting circumstances where there are many veteren instructors gathered mostly hold black belt 1-6 stripes..

the event started with a demostration from each gelanggang that participated in that event..quite an interesting demostration...the demostration was handled by cikgu Rasol and Cikgu Hamzah Tajuddin...

then followed by mandi minyak, where there are some selected person who are responsible to cook the oil and that person are used to be called 'dalang', after all selected dalang done their job, the mandi minyak ceremony beguns..there were many participants from all gelanggang around was a quite happening event..their enthusiasm was then expressed when they stepped onto lighted burnt coal after they rubbed against their skin with the boiled coconut oil..

after the participants done with mandi minyak part..cikgu kahar noticed that there were still much of oil left and without further a due, he asked people around there to take part..and thats including me..that was my first try..i've never been participate in mandi minyak ceremony since the first time i've involved in this silat was such a best night ever..i went back home with a smile and satisfied looking face..haha..

Tiring Week

AT LAST!! I've finished my last claz for diz tiring week...after busy wif all sorts of morning claz and mid sem exam for biology, finally i can relax my mind a bit wif watching downloaded movies and surfing internet..

talking about my bio mid sem exam juz now, i remembered that i found the exam luckly not too hard for me n surely for the others too..coz, our lecturer had told us earlier the subtopics that will be come out in that exam specifically..haha..that wat makes me so relieve when the first time i've hold the paper at the begining of the i've noticed that, why it is not too hard for bio students to score higher marks in their exam..aspecially bio subject..maybe coz their lecturer give them some extra info about wat questions gonna come out in their exam...i offense..

and now, i have a plenty of time to make full use of it..coz diz weekend i'm not going back i juz hav to think of activities that i'm gonna do diz weekend here at iium pj and now only one activity come accross my mind..that is watching movies..but still not confirmed yet...haha..wat ever it is..happy weekend...

Maal Hijrah

Alhamdulilah, it has been a year goes by..and now we have reach 1 muharram which we used to call it maal hijrah..i think many of u may hav already been exposed to our prophet s.a.w story about his hijrah long time ago.. but then, do u really understand wat is the actual meaning of hijrah that we can get from the moral of the story,if we want to apply it through out our life??how about the way we celebrate it??is it by watching cinema??is it by shopping??is it by hanging out with friends doing useless things??think about it..

Hijrah..if we look deeper into its literal meaning, it may appear to be 'the movement from one place to another place'..based on our prophet s.a.w stories long time ago, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w had move or travel from makkah to madinah and it is clearly refer as hijrah..but how are we gonna apply it today???it will be much more clear if we replace the word travel/movement with its sinonim,,today we could apply hijrah by changing our bad attitude to a good one, we could change the way we talk to others that sometimes hurt someone feelings to make them more enjoy when we talk to them...and many others...remember it is always change from negative to positive..

before i end, i want to say happy maal hijrah to all muslims out there..make sure it will giv u tremendous effect on your life afterwards..

Unknown Person

I'm really mad with this person..He is so annoying makes everybody don't like the way he manage somethings..he hold a post in the line up committee for silat seni gayong malaysia club in diz cfs iium, his jobscope merely need to ask for money to each and every members of the club when there are any event that need a collection of money from them..but then, coz of his way to ask money was very rude, some may backbitting him and thats people including's juz that the way he ask for money to the seniors was much like they are same level as him..if they are juz his friends,it can still be considered..but..we are not...

But till then, there are no one is willing to slow talk with him..coz maybe they dont want to hurt his is juz that how is he going to change if there are no one dared to talk to him about his bad way of communicating among members of the club??..but wat ever it is, he still hold kind a high post in the, maybe the person who hold a higher post than him can talk to him..and one of them is ME..

arghh..wat makes me so stress is that, i still don't have confident to slow talk with afraid that there will be a bad end of the story..which he may can not giv full commitment on his jobscope afterwards...wat i must do to settle diz problem??..i'm the one who suppose to end diz...but how..."Ya Allah, pliz leads me the way to settle this matter before i've end my studies here in cfs iium pj.."


im still new in diz world of i may need some knowledge on how to make my blog become more that i will not makes you bored reading diz the way..i made diz blog juz want to share opinion, relieving my stress, and telling some amazing stories about my life...nice to meet you n make sure be the top followers of diz blog..thx..

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