Sunday, 27 December 2009

Unknown Person

I'm really mad with this person..He is so annoying makes everybody don't like the way he manage somethings..he hold a post in the line up committee for silat seni gayong malaysia club in diz cfs iium, his jobscope merely need to ask for money to each and every members of the club when there are any event that need a collection of money from them..but then, coz of his way to ask money was very rude, some may backbitting him and thats people including's juz that the way he ask for money to the seniors was much like they are same level as him..if they are juz his friends,it can still be considered..but..we are not...

But till then, there are no one is willing to slow talk with him..coz maybe they dont want to hurt his is juz that how is he going to change if there are no one dared to talk to him about his bad way of communicating among members of the club??..but wat ever it is, he still hold kind a high post in the, maybe the person who hold a higher post than him can talk to him..and one of them is ME..

arghh..wat makes me so stress is that, i still don't have confident to slow talk with afraid that there will be a bad end of the story..which he may can not giv full commitment on his jobscope afterwards...wat i must do to settle diz problem??..i'm the one who suppose to end diz...but how..."Ya Allah, pliz leads me the way to settle this matter before i've end my studies here in cfs iium pj.."

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