Sunday, 27 December 2009

Tiring Week

AT LAST!! I've finished my last claz for diz tiring week...after busy wif all sorts of morning claz and mid sem exam for biology, finally i can relax my mind a bit wif watching downloaded movies and surfing internet..

talking about my bio mid sem exam juz now, i remembered that i found the exam luckly not too hard for me n surely for the others too..coz, our lecturer had told us earlier the subtopics that will be come out in that exam specifically..haha..that wat makes me so relieve when the first time i've hold the paper at the begining of the i've noticed that, why it is not too hard for bio students to score higher marks in their exam..aspecially bio subject..maybe coz their lecturer give them some extra info about wat questions gonna come out in their exam...i offense..

and now, i have a plenty of time to make full use of it..coz diz weekend i'm not going back i juz hav to think of activities that i'm gonna do diz weekend here at iium pj and now only one activity come accross my mind..that is watching movies..but still not confirmed yet...haha..wat ever it is..happy weekend...

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