Sunday, 27 December 2009

Mandi Minyak Ceremony

last night was one of the best night i've ever had coz i was happen to be one of the luckiest person who attend the mandi minyak ceremony that was held at silat gayong training centre taman nirwana, ampang..actually, i'm not taking part at the event officially coz i juz went there to experience an interesting circumstances where there are many veteren instructors gathered mostly hold black belt 1-6 stripes..

the event started with a demostration from each gelanggang that participated in that event..quite an interesting demostration...the demostration was handled by cikgu Rasol and Cikgu Hamzah Tajuddin...

then followed by mandi minyak, where there are some selected person who are responsible to cook the oil and that person are used to be called 'dalang', after all selected dalang done their job, the mandi minyak ceremony beguns..there were many participants from all gelanggang around was a quite happening event..their enthusiasm was then expressed when they stepped onto lighted burnt coal after they rubbed against their skin with the boiled coconut oil..

after the participants done with mandi minyak part..cikgu kahar noticed that there were still much of oil left and without further a due, he asked people around there to take part..and thats including me..that was my first try..i've never been participate in mandi minyak ceremony since the first time i've involved in this silat was such a best night ever..i went back home with a smile and satisfied looking face..haha..

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