Sunday, 27 December 2009

Maal Hijrah

Alhamdulilah, it has been a year goes by..and now we have reach 1 muharram which we used to call it maal hijrah..i think many of u may hav already been exposed to our prophet s.a.w story about his hijrah long time ago.. but then, do u really understand wat is the actual meaning of hijrah that we can get from the moral of the story,if we want to apply it through out our life??how about the way we celebrate it??is it by watching cinema??is it by shopping??is it by hanging out with friends doing useless things??think about it..

Hijrah..if we look deeper into its literal meaning, it may appear to be 'the movement from one place to another place'..based on our prophet s.a.w stories long time ago, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w had move or travel from makkah to madinah and it is clearly refer as hijrah..but how are we gonna apply it today???it will be much more clear if we replace the word travel/movement with its sinonim,,today we could apply hijrah by changing our bad attitude to a good one, we could change the way we talk to others that sometimes hurt someone feelings to make them more enjoy when we talk to them...and many others...remember it is always change from negative to positive..

before i end, i want to say happy maal hijrah to all muslims out there..make sure it will giv u tremendous effect on your life afterwards..

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