Tuesday, 5 February 2013

KOREA. Off we go!


Bikin panas entri jer duk bubuh post title macam aku ke Korea pulak. Haha. Akceli I've just send my aunty and her family to LCCT yesterday. They are going to have a week holiday at Korea. Wahh. Best nyer!! Hmm. Tapi takde rezeki pulak nak join. Pengajian untuk semester kali ni dah start minggu ni. Kalau start minggu depan, dah lama aku join depa ke Korea dah. Huhu.

Just arrive at LCCT. 

My mom's elder sister with her husband.

My mom's youngest sister with her daughter.

Treated by my aunty. Thanks :)

Supper before depart to Korea.

Anyway, thanks for treating me and my bro supper at Marry Brown. Have a nice holiday there and don't forget to buy something for me there. Haha. Till then.


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