Monday, 11 February 2013

Latest Food Pricing IIUM Gombak Endorsed!


Alhamdulillah, selesai sudah salah satu permasalahan yang dihadapi oleh penghuni UIAM iaitu masalah harga makanan yang tak tetap di setiap cafe di seluruh mahallah dan kulliyyah dalam UIAM Gombak ni. Standard sebelum ini ada yang dikenakan harga yang agak mahal. Targeted cafe tak lain tak bukan salah satunya ialah cafe Salahuddin. Memang dah famous dengan cafe yang tiba2 mengenakan harga yang agak mahal. Paling simple minuman Milo Ais standard gelas tapi dikenakan harga RM1.80. Standard price RM1.50. Tu contoh paling simple. Belum lagi nak cakap pasal harga sepinggan nasi dan ayam semua. Confirm lagi mahal. 

Ok. Hopefully after this gejala2 seperti ini tak terjadi dan harap pihak FFSD IIUM dapat buat pantauan untuk semua cafe yang terlibat supaya mereka mengenakan harga yang telah ditetapkan oleh pihak FFSD. 

From YB Siti 'Aisyah Jauhara, VP III SRC IIUM fb profile page :



Alhamdulillah, at 11.45 this morning, YB Zaid Azlan and I have discussed several things about the issue of food prices at IIUM cafeterias with Madam Azlin from FFSD. 

1) The list of the food prices is the MAXIMUM price (ceiling price) that can be issued by the cafe operator. Any prices higher than that are non-permissible whatsoever. Nevertheless, students do have the right to inquire or complain about unreasonable price charged for the food that they buy (eg: maximum price is charged for small-sized chicken / fish and etc.)

2) The list for food prices can be found at each cafe and IIUM website under the Facilities, Food & Services Department.

3) The list of cafes that are not included under the regulation for food prices:
- Tastebuds
- Evoke
- Roti Impit Ayamazz
- Mama Mia
- Nelson
- Mummy's Kitchen
- Ainon's Cake & Savouries
- Barbussa
- The Booker'z
- Mok Ku
- The Grill
- Babush

4) Any complains can be forwarded to FFSD, by taking pictures of the food and posting them on the wall of FFSD facebook group, plus specifying the price of the food and the name of the related cafe.

5) Additional remark: We would like to request from all students for your cooperation to dispose of all the food containers after use / to put the glasses and dishes into provided basins. It is indeed a noble practice to lighten burden of others. :)

Any new information will be updated from time to time.


Anyway, thanks to the new line up of SRCs due to their attention and immediate actions towards this issue. Lepas ni dah takyah merantau jejauh nak cari makanan. Makan kat cafe sendiri suda. Haha.


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