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Alhamdulillah. Permusafiranku kali ini ke Dubai membawa seribu makna buatku. Al maklum, sekian lama mengimpikan satu pengembaraan ke negara orang akhirnya terlunas tika umurku meningkat 24 tahun. Alhamdulillah. Syukur Engkau beriku peluang.

Al kisah semalam, menghabiskan hampir separuh hari di salah satu tarikan utama di kota Abu Dhabi, FERRARI WORLD. Yes! One of the attracted place that most people around my age would like to visit. Especially to those who love cars and inspired Shumacher.  Thanks a lot to my brother who treat me and my sister the ticket into the Ferrari World. Really appreciate it. The moment I step out from that place, somehow I have set my personal goal which I pretty much sure that I might not reach it that is to be one of the engineer of FERRARI company. Really impressed me when I went through one of the attraction in there where we had a short tour to the historic Ferrari Factory to see how a Ferrari is born. It was really amazing! Lets the pictures describe the experience being in the FERRARI WORLD. Hope you'll enjoy!

On our way to the ENTRANCE..

At the Entrance iof the Ferrari World.. Mood: Excited!..

We are here! at FERRARI WORLD, ABU DHABI..

Melangkah ke kaunter tiket..

458 ITALIA Engine and Gearbox..

Ticket Counter..

This 'WORLD' is really take seriously on HEIGHT..

Rides & Attraction available in there..

Now we are done buying tickets! It cost AED200+ for a person. Expensive but worthy. Believe me. Lets go inside..

Gerbang tiket masuk..  

at Ferrari Store.. Last place to visit to buy souvenirs..

My sister, sister-in-law and my brother..

YELLOW FERRARI in action! Really awesome to stand beside a real Ferrari Car..

Table service restaurant dishing up high quality Italian & Western dishes in a style environment..

RED FERRARI.. Siap ade orang masuk dalam start engine and ram.. Bergema bunyi engine Ferrari live!  

Done with the first phase. Now lets move to the first place we went to. FORMULA ROSSA. Giving us experience to ride the WORLD FASTEST ROLLER COASTER IN THE WORLD! Accelerate up to 240km/h in less than five seconds in a true F1 experience abroad the world's fastest rollercoaster.

Entrance to the Formula Rossa..

Queueing time! Really lucking we were happened to be the earliest to come.. Hehe..

Coaster track.. Dengan kelajuan 240km/h.. Really make me feeling like I'm gonna dead.. Haha.. 

Next place, JUNIOR TRAINING CAMP. Actually it was just a place for kids who can pilot their own remote control Ferrari Cars.

The controller equipped with F (Forward), N (Neutral), R (Reverse) gear..

The Racing Tracks..

Third place. DRIVING WITH THE CHAMPION. Live the dream of the sitting shotgun with a racing champion in this motion-based simulator. It was really awesome! Lebih kurang macam wayang 6D la gitu. Kerusi bergerak.

short movie before went in.. just for the introduction for the whole story in there..

The screen in front of the motion-based simulator chair.. 

Forth place. VIAGGIO IN ITALIA. Settle into your Ferrari seat and catch the spirit of the classic Italian road rally as you soar over the beautiful Italian landscape. But the different here was that the chair where we are seat was arranged in a multistory-based.  

Entrance to the Viggio in Italia..

As usual, the introduction the whole story in there..

The chairs.. Pakat pilih sebelah2.. Last2 kakakku duduk berasingan.. 

Kedudukan kerusi bertingkat sepanjang show.. the left side is the screen.. 

Peta Italy.. 

Fifth place. MAMMA ROSELLA! Yeah. Not an attraction place for fun but just a dining place for us to take a lunch. Italian style restaurant. Flagship italian family restaurant serving pasta, pizza, salads and an Italian grill menu in a free-flow environment. We ordered Pizza and Pasta for our lunch!

The free-flow environment of the restaurant..

The Pizzas..

The choices of food..

Our lunch.. Perut kenyang gile.. Alhamdulillah..

Our table.. Nampak tak betapa besarnya satu slice pizza buatan Italy ni.. Haha..

Sixth place. SPEED OF MAGIC. Follow the adventures of a young boy through 4D fantasy dreamscapes where no Ferrari has gone before, in pursuit of 'Nello'. 

Naik benda ni sambil menerokai pelayaran fantasi 4D.. Best!

Entrance to the Speed of Magic..

Seventh place. MADE IN MARANELLO. Cross the gates in Maranello and into a tour of the historic Ferrari Factory to see how a Ferrari is born. From the designing part using 3D CAD model, prototyping, production and testing. Really awesome! Rasa macam nak kerja dengan Ferrari pun ade. Seriuosly.

Waiting for our turn..

Our ride has arrived.. Logo Ferrari tu yang mahal.. Haha..

Ferrari is climbing up the wall.. Haha..

Eigth place. BELL'ITALIA. Place where we were enjoying a refreshing change of speed as exploring a miniature Italy, in a small-scale 1958 Ferrari 250 California. 

miniature Italy..

we are on the small-scale 1958 Ferrari 250 California..

Ninth place. RED: A THEATRICAL SPECTACULA OF SPEED AND PASSION. Enjoying a live theatre performance inspired by the passion Enzo Ferrari and his love of speed, style and everything Italian. No caption for these pictures cause I'm not into this 'thing'.

Next stop. SCUDERIA CHALLENGE. Experience the ultimate state-of-the-art racing simulators. Tapi this stop kami tak masuk sebab kena bayar. Haha. Besides, game die al-ala main Daytona at Arcades Games tapi kerusinya bergerak. 

Car Racing Simulator..

Next would be TYRE TWIST. Spin ourselves inside a giant tyre as its whirls its way around an oversized turntable. 

Ayuh pusingkan diri anda di sini.. Yeah..

Us in a big tyre.. Gambar diambil ketika objek pegun.. Haha..

Our last attraction stop. FIORANO GT CHALLENGE. Jumping into a Ferrari F430 Spider as two competing GT coasters race to the finish line. Sebenarnya baru tahu dua track dibuat sebelah-menyebelah bermotifkan racing. Haha. Apepun, kami rasa kami menang. :P

Entrance to Fiorano GT Challenge..

Laluan masuk dipenuhi deretan kedai2 yang meminta kami join challenge dorang untuk dapat hadiah anak patung.. err..

Tempat bermulanya racing. Really exciting! 

Alhamdulillah. Berakhir sudah stop kami untuk hari ini. I mean attraction stop. Sebab our very last stop was to the Ferrari Store where we search for any sovenirs to brings home. But then, they were too expensive and so not worthy to buy. Really. Hmm. Imagine, just for a normal shirt which just stamp a Ferrari logo onto it costs about AED500+. Akhirnya kami pulang dengan kekecewaan sebab tak dapat bawak balik any souvenirs from Ferrari World. Hmm.

Tyre Change Experience & Show..

Our Ferrari World Stamped Penny.. 

Disebabkan mahal kat Ferrari Store, last2 beli kat sini je souvenirs.. Haha..

Jam berjenama Ferrari berharga AED 975.. Mahalnyaaa..

Alhamdulillah. It took us about 6 hours inside this 'world'. Really exciting and amazing experience we have gone through yesterday. So, till we meet again. This post is just made purposely to summarize my whole experience in this FERRARI WORLD ABU DHABI. Untuk lawatan2 kami di tempat2 menarik sekitar DUBAI akan dibuat khusus untuk post2 seterusnya. InsyaAllah.


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