Saturday, 26 November 2011



Now I'm already have my own smartphone! Initially I'm very confuse in making decision which phone do I need to choose either Blackberry, I-phone4 or Samsung Galaxy S2. After some period of time, I have encountered many suggestions from my brothers, friends and now I have make up my mind to own a Samsung Galaxy S2 as my phone until I work hopefully.

But then, on the same day I bought this phone, my brother who suggested me to buy an I-phone4 was so shocked because he himself had owned a galaxy S and found that I-phone is better compared with samsung's smartphones. He was not so satisfied with my choice but then I'm still with my own galaxy S2 and I'm not planning to trade it or what ever and I will stick with it. Hopefully for a very long time. Insyallah.

Now, I'll be able to online anywhere as long as I'm on campus. I had sacrifice my Uia WiFi account of my laptop just to apply it to my smartphone's WiFi. Haha.


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